All our puppies enjoy extra special care here at Royal Romance!

For this reason we like to know our future owners very early that we can choose the very best homes. We try our best by raising our little babies at least until they are 11 weeks old.
It also is a wonderful chance to see them growing up here with us until they change their teeth as we love to have them in our house in the young age up til they are 6 months and ready to move to the new owners. 

In 12 years of breeding we raised 9 litters what shows the care and love we have for this breed as passionate Hobby breeders.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please feel welcome to write us an Email with what you are looking for and an introduction of yourself.
Please understand that we will not answer on Emails who are not specified for a puppy from our home.




2 blenheim boys (4 months) looking for a new family

Für 2 blenheim Jungs, geboren am 07.08.2017,

suchen wir noch das passende zu Hause. Rufen Sie uns gern an 034298/990056